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South African Legislation is Not Always Easy to Navigate

Jul 15, 2016 | Blog, Industry news, Products

South African Legislation is not always easy to navigate. Not only is South Africa working with a hybrid legal system originating from a mix of Dutch and British legal systems, but it also takes into account indigenous customary laws. In addition, we have a Constitution that sets the rules of how the current government works. To make matters even more complicated, there are different spheres of government that make laws, the National, Provincial and Local Government.

This melting pot makes South Africa an exciting place to live in, however, it can be difficult to keep track of what is currently being debated or decided with any new South African legislation. For anyone practicing law it is critical to have access to current South African legislation.Even with the digital age in which we find ourselves, it can be difficult to find the right South African legislation online.

Sabinet’s legislation services make it effortless to access South African legislation and keep abreast of changes to existing legislation or the promulgation of new laws.

Sabinet’s national legislation service (NetLaw), provides national legislation in easy to search for digital documents. Our NetLaw service keeps you up-to-date on all national laws, while Sabinet’s provincial legislation service (Provincial NetLaw), is relevant to the various provinces of South Africa.

They have also launched a remarkable, easy-to-use NetLaw mobile app that allows you to take a law library with you while you are on the move. The app makes it easier than ever to access relevant national legislative information. You can personalise the notifications you receive, grouping it by topic or client. You can even add your own notes to legislation, making it stress-free for you to keep track of discussion and action points.

Sabinet Legislation Services make life far easier when researching, removing the hassle of struggling with paper files and documentation.

As a bonus, regular email updates keep you abreast of all new amendments, draft comments and principal Acts published. Sabinet Legislation Services also provides one consolidated version of each piece of legislation with all the relevant amendments ensuring that you are referencing the latest version. Legal information has never been this easy. Main image credit: