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The South African Constitution and Related Topics Covered in Full-Text Journal Articles

Oct 31, 2019 | Blog, Company news, Products

As a well-known and respected information access provider within the South African information industry, our international online platform provides access to scholarly, law, and trade journals for research on topics such as the South African Constitution. Our platform is dynamic, and with a growing collection of peer-reviewed and credible articles, we provide a one-stop access point for business leaders, students, academics, graduates, and information specialists to find information and relevant publications from Africa within a global context.

The topics covered range from the South African Constitution to law cases, business articles, and science studies, to name only a few. We have one of the largest collections of African journals. With more than 350 000 full-text articles and 430 unique journal titles, the collection is set to meet your information and research needs.

Our collection is searchable using the standard or advanced search facilities, helping you to find relevant articles and publications. The collection focuses on information that has originated on the African continent and all the full-text articles are available in electronic format, making it exceptionally easy and cost effective to perform a literature study for a master’s degree or doctorate.

The journal collection includes titles in subject categories such as labour, religion, humanities, law, education, business and finance, medicine and health, science, technology, and agriculture. We also provide access to the African Journal Archive, thus ensuring that your every information need is met. The collection is ever-growing with titles relevant to our subscriber needs.

Because we understand that many of our users access the platform from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, we have optimised the design to be mobile friendly. Indeed, the design is highly responsive, making it easy to access cross-referenced documents from anywhere in the world and from just about any digital communication device.

Our database contains bibliographic, as well as relevant, citation references, which are certainly useful to librarians and information specialists who want to create reading or research lists. The news archive is equally impressive and can be used to access information about issues related to the South African Constitution.

Thesubscription option holds several benefits for the user, including but notlimited to:

  • Access to fully searchable andfull-text journal articles in PDF format.
  • Availability of an advancedsearch facility for highly relevant results on specific topics.
  • Access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Access to a growing collection ofjournals and full-text articles.
  • Archive access for particulartitles in the collection.
  • A range of subscription options.

Secureand Easy Payment Options

Whether you want a singlearticle on a topic or want to subscribe, you will appreciate the PayPal andcredit card services. We also make it possible for students and lecturers toconnect from anywhere.

Credibilitywith Academic Institutions

Connect to otherresearchers and facilities with the personalised profile option. As many as 24of the 26 South African universities already make use of the personalisedprofile and sharing option. Scholarly journals are published by 65 facultieswithin these academic institutions. We also have high credibility in the e-commercefield with 83 societies publishing discipline-specific publications. If you arelooking for law-related information about the South African Constitution,engage with other users of our platform or use our search facility to find anarray of full text-articles on the topic.


Being committed to information network building and content supply, we work with libraries to grow their digital offerings. We have developed several library-specific resources to help libraries grow and market their collections. We provide library posters, journal linking formation, brochures, and user guides to libraries.

Whether you are looking for information about the South African Constitution or law cases wherein aspects of the constitution have been challenged, you will find the information right here on our website. Use the online facility to start your search for information about the South African Constitution or contact us for more information.